Certification/ Notarisation

Translation certification by translator`s signature 

On the customer’s request, translation of original documents (diplomas, certificates, letters of attorney, contracts, etc.) are certified by the translator’s signature and office seal. The cost of binding and certification per document – 1.16 EUR. The cost of sending certified documents by registered mail or delivery in Klaipeda – 3 EUR. You can send documents by e-mail: info@vertimuprojektai.lt. We post translations to any place in Lithuania or abroad at mail rates established by the Post of Lithuania.


Certain authorities demand the document translation to be certified by translator`s signature, which is to be authenticated by a notary. Pursuant to Order of the Presidium of the Chamber of Notaries No. 4.2 as of 24 January 2013, the above shall apply to the following cases:

1. A notary authenticates a person’s signature on documents which have legal effect only.
2. A notary does not authenticate a signature on document copies.
3. A notary authenticates a signature of the person who made the document translation only provided that the text of the translation, with the translator’s signature authenticated, is bound to the original document or to a notarised copy of the document. In cases provided by law, a document (or a notarised copy thereof) must be legalised, i.e., attached with a stamped official certificate ‘apostille’.

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